Chooda: step up, step out, and change the world!

We now have two great events: Bike Zambia and Trek Nepal

From June 25th to July 6th, 2015, Bike Zambia – A Ride to Raise Awareness of Poverty and AIDS in Africa will ride 400+ miles in seven days from Lusaka to Livingstone!


Bike Zambia is a life-changing experience for participants and beneficiaries alike. Riders and roadies traveled from Zambia’s capital city, Lusaka, to Victoria Falls in Livingstone, with the goal of raising money for HIV-related causes. By participating in or supporting the ride through donations, you are making an extraordinary contribution to the cause. You are helping to provide much-needed financial support to our beneficiaries. You are raising awareness of the health and wellness programs available to those affected by HIV/AIDS in Zambia. And, you are helping to build an international network of supporters for an incredible cause.

In 2014, Chooda also put on a second project, Go Trek Nepal, in conjunction with OneSeed Expeditions. A small group trekked the Tamang Heritage Trail, which has just been opened as a tourist route and thus is quite off-the-beaten path. The 11-day event raised money for Nepali beneficiary organizations providing vital health and education services to remote rural populations. 

We are currently exploring a third event, a bicycle ride in Rajasthan, India, to raise money for the fight against gender-based violence and other local concerns.


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