Chooda Board Members

Chooda is the umbrella organization for Bike Zambia. The name Chooda means "wonder" in Bulgarian and was chosen as a more inclusive name to include future projects (i.e. Hike Nepal). Here's who we are:

JD Bergeron
JD is a passionate cyclist and do-gooder. His background in global non-profit initiatives combined with his experience with group rides over long distances (he just completed his third 550-mile AIDS/Lifecycle bike ride from SF to LA) provides the optimal skill set for planning an international endeavor of his own. When he isn't planning this ride, JD is the Senior Director of Social Performance at Kiva.

Andy Hill

With a passion for traveling and a recent Masters in International Cooperation from the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya in Barcelona, Andy is constantly seeking ways to combine international travel with cycling. Having completed four 550-mile AIDS/Lifecycle bike rides from SF to LA, he is no stranger to the saddle. His professional career in architecture and urban planning feeds his desire to make the world a better place.
Stephanie Van Dyke
Stephanie recently completed her fourth 550-mile AIDS/Lifecycle bike ride from SF to LA. In addition to being an active cyclist, she is an avid traveller and thrill seeker who is looking forward to the epic bungee jumping that is rumored to exist at Victoria Falls, where the bike route ends. She is also the owner of Van Dyke Productions, a marketing consultancy firm, and looks forward to putting her communications and graphic skills to work in getting the word out about this ride.

Heidi Queen, MD, MPH

Dr. Heidi Queen is a Board Certified Emergency Room Doctor working with California Emergency Physicians and Bike Zambia to keep our riders safe and healthy. She has extensive experience practicing medicine abroad and has also worked in low resource communities on a number of public health issues. She completed Bike Zambia in both 2012 and 2013, and was accompanied by her 9-year old son, Mitch, during the second year. Dr. Queen is happy to answer any questions or concerns you have about keeping well while cycling.


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