The Ride to Raise Awareness of Poverty and AIDS in Africa - Training

Training is an important piece of the ride process. We hope to get numerous training rides on the calendar here in the bay area, and hopefully those who live outside of the area will find other Bike Zambia participants in their area to ride with.

Training Guidelines
While the route is suitable for all levels of cyclists, everyone is expected to train and prepare sufficiently to ensure the safety of themselves and other participants of the ride. Our team is experienced with long bike rides, and we have come up with the following suggested schedule for monthly riding:

February: Dust off that saddle and start riding around town whenever weather permits. Get comfortable on the bike, and shoot for two rides of about 25 miles.

March: Spring Training officially begins! Time to kick it up to a weekly ride whenever possible. Try to log 20-25 miles per week, with at least three 25-35 mile rides.

April: Try to get in 30 miles per week, with at least three 35-45 mile rides.

May: By now you should be doing a training ride every weekend, with at least two rides of 50 miles or more, and one longer ride of 70+ miles.

First two weeks of June: It'll behoove you to force yourself into the saddle two days in a row for long distance training rides. One weekend, get in a long training ride of 75+ miles. The other weekend, try to get in two back-to-back rides of 60+miles apiece.

Third week of June: Taper off your riding. Ride around town, and perhaps one last training ride of 50 miles or less. And start packing.


Our group runs Bay Area training rides on most Saturdays, weather permitting. We meet at McLaren Lodge (at the junction of the panhandle and Golden Gate Park) @ 10am. For additional information on training, please subscribe to the blog or follow our facebook page, where we will post frequent training tips and updates, as well as training routes.






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